Friday, March 04, 2005


so my children are at "mormor's" for the weekend and craig and i are enjoying a wonderful weekend being kidless. it is quite a novelty considering we had such a short time of being without kids after we got married.

yesterday, i did totally neurotic things like vacuuming out my furniture and scrubbing the kitchen floor. it was so fun. i realized that i would get very bored and need a job if i was without kids. after that i went to church and had a great time emailing and generally messing around on the internet.

today, we went to la crosse (good times, good times) and went to the organic food co-op. i was in search of the perfect facial moisturizer and the co-op did not fail me. craig was not too sure about the co-op and upon entering the establishment decided that it was one of la crosse's best kept secrets. i mean, where else can you get a delicious deli sandwich made to order with whatever you want on it for only $3.29?

after this we went to best buy (which is not one of my favorite place on earth) and with some leftover gift cards, was able to purchase some super fun dvd's. (think amadeus, the director's cut.) next we were off to barnes and noble and then home. it is so fun to not have to have any time contraints whatsoever! tra la la! thank goodness for loving family members!

now we will be going to supper club where they will be having a belated birthday party for me on account that the host family all had the stomach flu last week.

ahh the fun of having kids and getting to share them with others! i say this because truly my life would be so empty without my little fritz and fran to brighten my days. but for now, i am enjoying my psuedo-kidless life! ;)