Monday, January 24, 2005


well my daughter is sick, again. we all had the dee-lite-ful stomach flu here. malin was the first one to get it, now she has it again. in fact, i had to take her to the doctor because she was getting dehydrated.

i have really been wishing that i could do some photography lately. i have no film and have been generally uninspired for the last few months. maybe i will head to the store and get some. i have done so much in b&w in the past and lately i have really enjoyed color film. wierd.

we had our first night of life last night. there were not too many people there but we really had a fun time. we moved it from church to a home so that people are a little more comfortable. i wish that we could have it at our house but we just don't have enough room. we are really excited about the series that we are doing. it is called the noOma series and they are short "movies" that a church out of michigan called mars hill church have put out. they are on numerous topics and are created to generate discussions. we showed a short clip of one last night and the kids were all bummed that we would not watch the whole thing!
to check it out, go to:

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


today i feel a bit better. except i literally felt like laying down in the grocery store today. maybe it was the sight of all that raw meat and the fact that "country market" is totally changed around. i mean total presto-change-o. like whoa, is this the same store? it could have been that the smell of fresh paint was making me a bit queasy. i am totally suffering from posod (post operative stressed out disorder.)

i am glad however, that i had the foresight to pick out a few new movies at the library for malin. (well actually it was aiden. he was grabbing dvd's off the shelves and yelling eh-moh! eh-moh! at the top of his lungs.) malin is going through "cinderelmo" for the second time today.

so off i go, to do, umm, *looks around, scratches head, sits*

Monday, January 17, 2005


today i had a biopsy. my dentist found a wierd little thing in the back of my throat a few months ago which has resulted in needing a biopsy. i seriously had 10 shots of novocaine in my throat, tongue, and other parts of my mouth. it is so crazy to half of your face, mouth, tongue, and throat numb.
now my throat kills. he explained the pain to be like a canker sore. yeah, more like someone opened my mouth and shot a b-b gun down it. or like someone took a very large scalpel and cut a relatively large peice of meat out of there!

on a happier note...
a friend of mine got two tickets to italy for christmas from her mom. she asked her mom when they should go and her mom said, "i want you to take who you want!"
i went out for coffee with her a few days ago because she wanted to see my pics of italy and plan her trip. i reminiced (sp?) about how fun my trip was and how much i loved the country and its people. as we were just about ready to leave and she asked me if i want to go with her! umm, let me think... yes!

italy, here i come!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

malin's feet, as inspired by elly's pictures of tova bean. Posted by Hello

more to say...

well, i figured that i better write something a little more interesting than, "this is my first post."
today is freezing cold. and my day has been not much better. one of those days where you feel like you are literally chasing yourself. like you are doing a lot of scurrying but not really anything is getting done. take this as an example. i have been awake for more than 6 hours and still have not gotten a grocery list finished or even gotten that load of laundry out of the dryer. pretty pathetic.
but my day is not all lost. my son sat in my lap today for about 15 minutes showing me his little "hat" and talking about it. (it was actually the smallest of a set of nesting cups.) and as i write this my daughter is playing with styrofoam. what kind of a mother are you? you ask. well she is calling the small beads of foam that separate from the bigger block her "babies" and "racky-coons" and the block is their sled. basically she has been entertained with them for about 1 hour. yes there are bits of foam all over the dining room and part of the living room but what is five minutes of clean up?
so if i just get to enjoy my kids a bit, that is worth it, right? oh and i did take some cute pics of my daughter's feet (as inspired by ellybeth) and i am enjoying some afternoon sun, ahhhh.
i guess the laundry is going nowhere and the groceries are sounding like a trip to the arctic with ernest shackelton rather than a jaunt to the supermarket with ingrid. maybe i'll just skip the list making...

my first post

well, this is jenah and this is my first post! i hope that you enjoy!