Thursday, August 09, 2007

ValleyFair! and Other Antics

So yesterday we went to ValleyFair!, a really great amusement park. (It is owned by Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH which I hear is really great, too, but have never been there.) Anyway, I have not been to an amusement park since I was in high school. We lived right by Six Flags Great America for 5 years and never went. So I told Craig that I was making an executive decision for our family. This summer we would be going to ValleyFair!.
Yesterday was the day. My parent's had the kids for a week and a half and the plan was to meet them at ValleyFair! and spend a day there. Craig balked at the idea, but went along with it (he said he liked rides, but didn't want to waste a day there.) He went, although rather unwillingly. He didn't last long, though. He gets sick easily and bored quickly. But after a little while, he started having fun hanging out, and I found something out, too. My dad and I were having a blast, just like in the old days. You see, my dad and I love rides. A lot. We will go on any coaster you put in front of us, the faster the better. We went on all the major coasters, the High Roller (the original coaster attraction from 1976, the oldest and most classic), the Corkscrew (yes, upside down), the Excalibur, The Wild Thing(a 200ft 60 degree drop that goes over 76 mph... it is the one in the picture), The Renegade, and we even went on the Power Tower. (I exited this ride saying that I thought I had just had an embolism. They drop you 250 feet, and you are weightless for over 3 seconds. Believe it or not, it is taller by 75 feet than Valleyfair's number-one rated ride -- Wild Thing. Only FAA height regulations from Flying Cloud Airport prevented Power Tower from being even taller.)
Anyway, my dad and I went on a bunch of rides together and we would get off laughing and relating to my mom how awesome the ride was. She would laugh and call us crazy, just like when I was little; the routine hadn't changed a bit. It was great.
I didn't know how I would how I would feel, I mean a lot has happened since the last time I went (ie kids) but it was really great to feel like I was 12 all over again. And being scared silly is pretty fun too.