Monday, May 28, 2007

Some Crazy Life I Live

I think that I may be the world's worst blogger. I literally have something insane that I could write about every single day. I guess that is how it goes with pastor's families.
Now I realize that the last time I wrote something here was about 6 months ago. Not acceptable.
Since the last time I wrote here, we voted as a church to dismiss our senior pastor. My daughter graduated from preschool. Craig and I went to San Diego. Then we took a trip with some friends to Chicago. Then Craig and I went to Portland. Then Seattle. We even got a chinchilla! (Get where I am going here? I could've posted a ton of stuff, and this is just the big stuff, not just the daily hilariosities.)
But today, the thing that compels me to post on my blog, is something that no one ever wants to happen to them. I got fired. From a job. Not just any job, but my job at the coffee shop. How hilarious is that? My friends tell me that it is something that has to happen at least once in your life. It makes it even funnier because it wasn't anything that I did, it was a personality clash with my boss. There was nothing that I could do to make the situation better. Believe me, I tried. Nothing helped. At the "firing," I asked her what she thought of my customer service. I told her that I felt like it was awesome and any customer would say the same. She told me that was true, but there is behind the scenes customer service too. Huh, has anyone ever heard of that? Like I said, my firing was a stretch.
Of course, being a PW, I always try to see what God is doing with what happens to me. This couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Here are the "perfect timing" reasons:
1. It is summer. Who wants to get up at 5am to steam milk for 4 hours every day?
2. With Craig being the only pastor at our church now, his responsibilities are going to increase. (More pay for this added work? Bwuahaha!)
3. Something really terrible happened to one of my friends. I felt like now if I need to pack up and leave to go be with her, I can.
4. Literally THE NEXT DAY, I got an offer to come on as a more serious photographer with the guy I have been working with. He is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the area. (Thanks Dad, for suggesting we go talk to him at that conference!) He saw my work and thought it was amazing.

Moral of the story? I guess I can be anything I want when I grow up. But that doesn't mean I am cut out for everything.