Thursday, July 14, 2005

listen to the music...

i had a really fun opportunity to come over to church tonight. i even got to ride my bike! yes, this is thursday and craig and his worship team are practicing tonight. and yes, this is normally the night that i hang with "jojo" or mary wojo as she is more commonly known. so i am being serenaded as i type.

it has been one really hot week. so hot that you don't even really want to go to the pool because you dread the carride over there. even if it is only a 5 minute ride and about 45 seconds before the air con kicks in.

it is kinda weird, too, cause usually in the summer i feel great. i look good, i exercize like crazy, and i just generally feel happy. but this summer has been a challenge for me. i am not sure why i feel this way, but frankly, it has sucked.

i am however having a great time working on moxie moms. it has been a challenge dabbling in something that i have had no experience whatsoever in. i am starting a business!

it is totally something to be proud of.

Monday, July 04, 2005

independence day

haha, i think this is my first post of the month. i am desprately trying to think of something to write here today... but nothing comes to mind. i think i fried my brain taking pictures like a mad woman with my new 20d. my kids, flowers, random people... no one is safe from my lens. it is really great to have a rockin' camera to use. thanks to craig who bought me this great little toy as a surprise. craig, you rock.