Saturday, November 10, 2007

What to do on a Saturday...

So today I am stuck without a car which poses a little problem. They guys are STILL not done with our floor replacement which means we are going on day 8 with a house that is totally disheveled and not entirely liveable. I haven't cooked in who knows how long and spend my days trying to find stuff to do in our upstairs or hanging out a coffee shops.
And today I am in a pickle because Craig has the car. I was supposed to help out with ECFE's Flippin' for Books, or at the least show up (since I am a member of the early childhood's PTA) but alas, two miles one way just seems like a long way to walk. But I still have to vacate the premises, so we might go see Bee Movie. (Movie Theater: .9 miles.) This is the main reason for my post. I found some really great websites that help parents make better decisions about what movies are appropriate for your kids. We need all the help we can get.
Plugged In and
Common Sense


eBirdie said...

We're a one-car family too. Most of the time it's fine; some days it complicates things. I hope you have fun at the movie! I'm going to check out those web sites too (even though Mila is only two and not really going to movies yet).

Juloyes said...

Us too. I'll not have a car tomorrow, but I also don't have my flooring all messed up. I'd call my mom to come get me!